Nationally Certified, Award Winning Groomer Wins Big at the International Society of Canine Cosmetologists Fall Grooming Competition.


Cristyn Zloza, a nationally certified and award winning groomer, finished in multiple top 3 placements and earning a group placement, at the U.S. Pet Pro Classic, hosted by the International Society of Canine Cosmetologists, (ISCC), in Dallas, Texas.


Wheaton, IL – November 12, 2015 – Spotted Paw Shop is proud to announce the results of its head groomer and nationally certified groomer Cristyn Zloza, from this most recent U.S. Pet Pro Classic in Dallas, Texas. Cristyn competed in multiple classes, those being, Large Poodles, Small Poodles, Terrier Breed. Mixed Salon Styling, and All Other Purebreeds. This previous Sunday Cristyn started out with earning two 2nd place finishes with Cash the Bichon Frise in the All Other Purebreeds class, and with Chanel the Standard Poodle in the Large Poodle class. She went on further to place 3rd overall in-group for Large Poodle class beating out several seasoned competitors. Cristyn continued on her success with a 3rd place finish with Rory the Irish Coated Wheaten in the Terrier Breed class, and earning her first 1st place win with Rocky the labradoodle in Mixed Salon Styling. Then on Tuesday she completed her streak with placing 1st with Aurora the Mini Poodle that she rescued more than 3 years ago. These 1st place wins mark Cristyn transition from the Entry division to Intermediate, another step closer to pursuing her dream of competing for Groom Team USA.


With all the placements, one comes in more notable than the rest. Cristyn took 3rd in-group in the Large Poodle class. The main reason for the heighten prestige with this placement was the number of people in the class as well the wide range of experience level. This was Cristyn’s first time having her abilities judged on the same level as Nationally Ranked groomers that compete in the Open Division. Taking 3rd in-group allowed Cristyn to see how far she has progressed in competitive grooming. Also providing insight to the challenges and critiques that competing in such a difficult and highly competitive field brings.


The U.S. Pet Pro Classic is held annually in Dallas, Texas by the ISCC, and comprises 5 days of competitions, seminars, and workshops. The ISCC, known to many as the Harvard of grooming associations, is a service-oriented group concentrating on the continuing education and progression of groomers and pet stylists taking on a more professional approach to their craft. Like the NDGAA they are dedicated with help groomers achieve a high level of quality in their grooms, in a caring professional manner. Throughout the year they hold numerous workshops and seminars as well have their own certification program also similar to the NDGAA but highlighting other steps and processes. These certifications, when achieved, help judges as well as clients know that they are working with a highly skilled professional.