Valentine’s Day with Your Pet
At Stella & Chewy’s, we’re never ones to ignore a holiday and Valentine’s Day is no exception. We’re sharing ways to celebrate with the most important relationship in your life – your pet!
Get a custom valentine from your cat or dog
The S&C team is working hard to create as many custom valentines as possible. To get in on the action and have a chance to receive your own personalized valentine, follow @stellaandchewys on Instagram and post a photo of your pet using the hashtag #LoveFromStella. We will be selecting pet photos using that hashtag between February 1 and February 13 and creating custom valentines!

Plan a dinner date
Make time for more quality time with your cat or dog. This Valentine’s Day, plan a nice meal for yourself and sit down to eat at the same time you serve your pet dinner. Dogs are incredibly social animals and will love to enjoy the meal as a “pack.”
Make heart-shaped food
To make your pet’s Valentine’s Day extra festive, you can use cookie cutters to make heart shaped dog treats out of our freeze-dried raw dinner patties* or use a heart shaped ice cube/molder tray to form frozen bone broth hearts from our Broth Toppers.
*For food safety, serve heart shaped patties immediately upon creation and ensure cookie cutter is thoroughly washed afterwards.

Wear matching outfits
#Twinning with your pet is the best! We love any excuse to create a twinning moment and this can be a fun, yet simple way to celebrate your amazing and unique bond with your pet on Valentine’s Day (don’t forget to take a photo!)
Give a gift
We know your pet is content with simple love and affection, but we’re sure they wouldn’t be upset by a new toy or treat either. To stick to the theme of love, check out our Raw Coated Biscuits that are complete with a little heart detail in the center. It’s the perfect Valentine’s gift for pets! Or, try our Beef Heart Treats, Chicken Heart Treats, or Lamb Heart Treats which are great options for both cats and dogs!

Go on an adventure
Plan for some bonding time with your pet by venturing to a local park or dog-friendly forest preserve. It’s a great way to have fun and get some exercise.
Have a movie night
Not a fan of the great outdoors? Or, perhaps you live somewhere where February 14th is far too cold to be outside for too long. Have a cozy night in watching your favorite movie with your pet – don’t forget the snacks!
Spread the love
Not everyone has a furry friend to spend Valentine’s Day with. Visit a pet-friendly restaurant, store, or retirement facility to let your pet soak up the attention while making someone’s day.