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I understand that my pet(s) have medical condition(s) and/or is/are senior(s). I am aware that grooming can cause stress that can exaggerate or expose new problems, or even lead to a serious medical event or death.

I understand there are mental and behavioral changes in senior dogs or dogs with medical conditions, and they are groomed for comfort only and not appearance.

I release Spotted Paw from any liability should any problem/medical issues occur.

I am solely responsible for any and all medical bills related to my dog, and should an emergency arise, I give permission to Spotted Paw to seek veterinary care at the nearest veterinary clinic. I understand that Spotted Paw has the best interest of my pet in mind and will do everything to keep my pet safe.

If Spotted Paw feels that grooming will be too stressful for my pet, the groom will be stopped immediately and I will be contacted.

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