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Frozen Raw Goat Milk Yogurt – Steve’s Real Food – For Dogs




Steve’s Raw Goat Milk Yogurt marries premium nutrition to crave-able treat. This super-food is packed with probiotics and the full gamut of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients.  Feed it as a snack or use as a food topper to add raw nutrition to a dry or canned meal.

We take milk from free range, hormone and antibiotic free goats and add active cultures to make it a powerful digestive aid with added immune boosting properties.  The coconut acts as a anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-viral while the chia is a protein packed, gluten free seed high in omgea-3s.

Ingredients – raw goat milk yogurt, chica seed, coconut flower


Steve's Real Food

Steve’s Real Food was the first pet food company to make feeding raw pet food convenient and easy. Today, Steve’s Real Food‘s tater-tot sized nuggets allow you as a pet parent to simply pour and serve. You don’t have to defrost it overnight, you don’t have to cut up raw meat, and you don’t have to mix it with anything. It is 100% complete and balanced, made from only the most superior ingredients on the market. We are so proud of the ingredients we use that we gladly share who we buy from so you can have the same level of confidence as we do. Since its inception, Steve’s has focused on getting more dogs and cats to eat raw food. We keep our overhead low to keep costs down and focus on making every product convenient and simple. From our complete diets to our daily supplements, Steve’s is doing everything we can to make it easier and more affordable to provide raw nutrition for your pets.

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