Braided Bully Stick – Mascoti – For Dogs


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Mascoti Bullysticks are made in the Dominican Republic from free range and grass fed bulls. Mascoti Bullysticks are heated at 194° for 12 hours – the longer cooking time creates a better cooked product so the core of the bully stick is not raw, thus a much longer lasting chew.

Mascoti does not use chemicals or preservatives – the light colors of these bully sticks are solely produced from cooking in terracotta brick ovens. Cleaning the outside and inside of Mascoti Bullysticks is what makes them better than others – high pressure water injectors are used to thoroughly flush out each raw bully stick which makes them odor free. Mascoti only uses white vinegar during the making to create a high acid environment so bacteria cannot survive.


Mascoti Pet

OUR PLACE We enjoy growing plenty of fruit and vegetables and raising chickens to solely lay eggs for all Mascoti Pet employees to enjoy. At the moment, we have 16 happy furry testers that live freely on our large property, most of them are rescued dogs. They are provided with plenty of attention, food and of course Mascoti Pet treats. We spend a lot of time bathing them. We also donate Mascoti Pet treats to several dog rescue shelters in our area. Especially ones that have dogs with special needs.

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