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Beef Bladder Braided – Mascoti – For Dogs


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The perfect dog chew. Soft but hard? Yes, the beef bladder is hard but soft enough to be gentle on your dog’s teeth. Long lasting and elastic like. We repeatedly wash each beef bladder by hand with white vinegar to clean and tenderize it. Our beef bladder dog chews come in spirals, jumbo spirals and braided.


Mascoti Pet

OUR PLACE We enjoy growing plenty of fruit and vegetables and raising chickens to solely lay eggs for all Mascoti Pet employees to enjoy. At the moment, we have 16 happy furry testers that live freely on our large property, most of them are rescued dogs. They are provided with plenty of attention, food and of course Mascoti Pet treats. We spend a lot of time bathing them. We also donate Mascoti Pet treats to several dog rescue shelters in our area. Especially ones that have dogs with special needs.

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