Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. At Spotted Paw, we’re never ones to ignore any holiday, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Doesn’t everyone want to celebrate the most important relationship in their life – the love of their dog or cat?!! Here’s our list of 8 ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with your dog or cat.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Dogs or Cats

Buying Valentine’s gifts for your pet is the perfect way to show them your love. Dogs would love a themed chew or bakery item. Your cat would play for hours with a new cat treat.

Get a custom Valentine from your cat or dog!
We’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with custom valentines bakery items and you can get in on the action! For a chance to get your own valentine featuring your pet follow us @spottedpawshop and use #LoveFromspottedpaw when posting a photo of your pet. We will be selecting pet photos from that hashtag.

Match for the Day
Twinning with your pet is the best! We love any excuse to have a twinning moment and doing so for Valentine’s Day can be a fun, yet simple way to celebrate your amazing and unique bond with your pet.

Have a Dinner Date In with Your Pet
Did you know that dogs like eating at the same time as their pet parents? It’s true! They are incredibly social animals. It can even help picky eaters to enjoy their meal more if the whole “pack” is eating at the same time. This Valentine’s Day, try dining in with your pet. You can even have a little bit of fun with it to make it more Valentine’s Day-themed by using cookie cutters to form heart shaped patties or using a plastic mold tray to form heart-shaped frozen broth pieces. *

Pamper Your Pet with Some Seasonal Goodies!
While your pet would be happy with just some love and affection, we feel safe assuming that they wouldn’t mind some special treats on Valentine’s Day in addition to some pets. Check out our Raw Coated Biscuits for Dogs – complete with a little heart detail in the center of the biscuit – and our single ingredients treats, like bakery items and yogurt kisses, ideal for both dogs and cats.

Adventure to the Park
Take your pet on an adventure to the park or the great outdoors! It’s such a great way to spend time with your pup and celebrate Valentine’s Day with a bit of fun and exercise.

Watch Your Favorite Movie with Your Pet
Not a fan of the great outdoors? Or perhaps you live in a place where February 14this likely to be far too cold to venture outside for too long? Have a cozy night in watching your favorite movie with your pet!

Watch Spotted Paw Facebook & Twitter Pages for Valentine’s Day photos
We’re hosting our very own “dating show” – but with a twist. For these special posts, we will be featuring everyone’s dogs and cats. We also will be picking the best photos and giving away very special gift for Valentine’s Day.


We hope this gave you some fun ideas on how to celebrate with your REAL valentine. Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at Spotted Paw Grooming & PET Goods!