Spotted Paw

Quinn Bedlington Terrier Show Trim

Next week Cristyn Zloza will be traveling to Hersey, PA to complete with Chanel, Cash and Quinn at Groom Expo. Groom Expo is the world’s largest grooming show, welcoming thousands of pet professionals to the Hershey Lodge and Convention Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania, every September. Wish Cristyn, Chanel, Cash and Quinn good luck.

So far Cris has been placed 9 times with Mini Poodle, Standard Poodle, Bichon Frise’ and a LabraDoodle. In the past 1 1/2 years Cristyn has comea long way but there is still a way to go. We still have 4 more show this year and next year we will be doing even more. Going ABOVE & BEYOND is what we strive for and Cristyn is the perfect example of that. Competing against thousands of groomer throughout the country, Cristyn has become the groomer of choice, as far as Rockford to Chicago to Highland Park and as far South as Wilmington.

Understanding breed profile and how to style a family member to what a clients likes is what we do. We not only shave some dogs but we can keep them in a breed profile and having the ability to hand scissor an entire dog to a clients preference is what she does.

Having Cristyn Zloza at Spotted Paw Salon as owner and head stylist, is a huge benefit to all of the clients that travel so far away to bring their loved family member to Cristyn for their grooming needs. Cristyn Ohlson Zloza also understands styling is a huge part of a dogs health and keeping them healthy is a huge part of her passion.